What are the common types of blocked drains, and how to fix them?

Whether your building is old or new, blocked drains problems will always be there if poorly maintained. How to fix a clogged drain is always a common query among homeowners. But clogged sinks and drains lead to other underlying problems such as corrosion, flooding, and costly plumbing repairs. It is better to hire a Plumber Paddington service if you experience common types of blocked drains problems. Here, we want you to be aware of common problems and how to fix them.

Most common types of blocked drains:

Major common types of clogged drain that people experience are mostly in kitchen, bathrooms and need immediate attention of plumbing contractor:

Storm Water Drain clog:

It is a plumbing-related problem that generally occurs due to rain or storm. When leaves, mulch, pebbles, dry sticks enter stormwater drainage, downpipes, and gutters, this situation occurs. It leads to clogged drain problems with overflowing water pooled around the home.

While maintaining stormwater drain is an essential step, preventive measures will equally help. For this, you should clean the gutters twice a year, and if any blockage is there, fix it using a plunger. In addition, regular inspection of downpipes will also help to maintain gutters. However, it would be best if you considered calling a plumber in Paddington for regular checkups and plumbing repairs.

Clogged Sewers:

Sewers are an essential part of the drainage system, which carries all the wastes of the households. Everything from the kitchen, bathroom, sink, and laundry flushes in the sewer system, including unwanted wastes. However, the actual problem generally begins when pipes are blocked and stop flushing. 

Common signs of blocked sewer:

If you notice the following, it is time to be alert and address the problem early with the help of a certified plumber in Paddington.

  • Gurgling noise from the drains
  • A clogged sink or slow drains in toilets
  • Sewage is overflowing from the bathroom or laundry area.
  • Foul odor from drain

You can attempt to clear the blocks that are in the pipes by pouring hot water and acids into the sink. However, the best is to call the professionals to unclog the sewer.

Soil Drains block:

The soil drains is an advanced method of water draining where it is done by paving the flow of pipe within the ground. The blockage generally occurs when impurities like sand and clay slowly gather in the middle of the pipe. You should always clear and remove debris to prevent the more severe problem. For more significant problems, consider calling a plumbing repair service. 

Keep your home free from plumbing problems and hire Plumber Paddington:

There are several plumbing issues where pipes need to be strong enough to withstand clogged drains’ pressure. However, when it burst, then the situation needs emergency plumbing service. So, if this is the case, call the professional plumber Paddington to address the issue.