Top Plumbing Myths That You Need to Know

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Homeowners need to know each and every thing about proper maintenance of their homes. Plumbing system is an important part of a home. So, every homeowner should be well aware of the working condition of his plumbing system and call for professional plumber Paddington at home regularly. You might be punctual in regularly maintaining your plumbing system but there are certain myths that people have in their minds. Want to know those plumbing myths? Read below to know that.

4 plumbing myths busted-

  • Using a plunger can clear the clogged sink- Looking at a clogged sink, you might think to use a plunger and clear the clog. In case, the debris and blockage doesn’t clear on its own, using a DIY draining cleaner might be the next option. If you make this blunder of using the plunger again, it can cause heavy backflow of chemical mixed with the dirt and debris. This can give serious and irreversible skin damages. So, call for professional plumber Paddington instead of trusting such myths.
  • Grease get flushed with hot water- With time, grease gets stick to drains and pipes. You might have heard about using hot or boiling water to clear the grease from drains. Surprisingly, this is nothing but just a myth. Pouring hot or boiling water over grease can make it even harder and cause serious problems in your plumbing system. So, skip the myths and call for professional Plumber Paddington to get rid of grease and other build ups from pipes.
  • ‘Flushable item’ is literally flushable- It is not necessary that items with ‘flushable’ tags are literally flushable. Even the wipes labelled as flushable are literally not flushable. They cannot be eliminated by the sewer or septic system. These wipes can combine with other debris and can cause serious damages later on.
  1. Small items can be flushed- Everything that can fit well into the size of your pipe, cannot be flushed. Even very small sized items should not be flushed. Most of the females think that their sanitary wastes are very small and can be easily eliminated through flush pipes. But in reality, the modern toilets do not have a wide ending, even if the mouths are wide enough. Not only this, but small food scraps are also dangerous for flush pipes. So, skip the myth and call for professional plumber  if you have flushed such items in the past.

Contact Plumbing Professionals for reliable services

Plumbing systems give real emergencies sometimes. You need to ensure that you don’t believe in myths. Therefore, the best ways to contact Paddington plumbing professionals who can assist you and guide you in the right way. Also, they will solve your plumbing issue in no time ensuring the same problem doesn’t trouble you in future.